Online Sportsbook News and Bitcoin complaint, SBR Video

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In today's Sportsbook Review iGaming News video, host Natalie covers the latest online sportsbook complaints and industry news. Show topics include the recent downgrading of the sportsbooks under the Olympian Group label, which include Geobet Sportsbook, GR88 Sportsbook, and Bulldog777. The family of sportsbooks are now rated D-.

The first part of the Sportsbook Review iGaming News video discusses the recent report of Geobet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) confiscating the winnings from a player by enforcing an unethical bonus scam. Geobet justified the forfeiture of more than €1000 in player winnings due to the user having accepted bonuses at other online sportsbooks under the Olympian Group brand. SBR reported originally in the summer of 2013 that since reopening their brands following the month-long+ closure for security issues, Geobet,, and Bulldog777 began confiscating winnings from players who redeemed bonuses at each of the shops. These confiscations were made despite the fact that these players were marketed to from common mailer lists distributed by each of the skins under the Olympian network. While management initially claimed to be considering SBR's viewpoint, no headway was made and the confiscations remain on the hooks. The Olympian Group family sportsbooks have each been lowered to a rating of D-, which also places them on the SBR scam sportsbook blacklist.

The second part of the iGaming News video covers the recent report of non-payment from a player. The bitcoin sportsbook went off-line as reported by SBR on March 12. At the time of their closure, BitBook claimed it would be honoring all user balances. However, a player reported that he has had no way to contact as their email now bounces back. He is unable to withdraw his 0.65 bitcoin balance (approximately $380 as of today's bitcoin exchange rate).

Another item mentioned in the sportsbook news video is the instant banking cashier option added by Heritage Sportsbook (SBR rating A) which is a big benefit for Canadian customers still feeling the effects from the Skrill exit in the Canadian gambling market. Heritage Sportsbook has made a number of efforts to improve their overall service and player feedback is consistently positive.

Finally, the move of the world's fastest free betting odds application SBROdds to the domain is covered. SBROdds are more than 10% faster on the new domain. The previous URL automatically redirects for your convenience.


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