Online Sportsbook EZStreetSports Down for the Count

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Online sportsbook (SBR rating F) has been off-line for three days now.

Sportsbook Review reported earlier this week that the sports betting website may have pulled the plug on their struggling company.

EzStreetSports never recovered in the court of public opinion from their infamous $46,000 winnings confiscation dispute.

Despite a domain change and apparent effort to turn the page from the negative press attracted following the voiding of the massive player winnings, EzStreet's popularity faded rapidly after even their most ardent supporters could not defend the fleecing of the big Jacks or Better video poker winner.

Sportsbook Review reported at length of the issue and kept EzStreet rated in the D range for their handling of the complaint; the sportsbook maintained that they believed the winning player was using a robot to complete his play, and this claim was subequently refuted by the casino software provider Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS), who supply many top online sportsbooks with state of the art casino software.

EzStreet owes at least $15,000 to players who have complained that the sportsbook stopped paying them, abandoning payout plans in some places that saw the betting site paying a maximum of $700 a week through person-to-person methods.

EzStreet recently ceased offering customer service via telephone to players and by all accounts stopped responding to emails.

The online sportsbook is part of the scam sportsbook blacklist.

EzStreet players who have not been paid are encouraged to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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