Online Sportsbook Bonus Shopping using the SBR Directory

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Sportsbook Review readers can find a list of online sportsbooks and their respective bonus offering using the SBR directory.

By using the available categories on the page, online sports bettors can narrow down their selection for a new online sports betting site by the size of the bonus, rollover, maximum incentive, and more.

Not all bonuses are created equal; this is why cash and free play bonuses should be listed separately. It is well-known that free plays, for instance, are worth about half the value of a cash bonus. This is why the conventional wisdom is that you would consider a 100% free play with a 1X rollover about the same as a 50% cash bonus.

In general, the less rollover required (amount you must wager before being clear to take a payout), the better.

Finding the Right Sportsbook
Sports betting sites rated C and higher are listed on the bonuses directory, however SBR cautions readers to stick with online betting websites rated B+ or higher to have the best possible experience.

Online sportsbooks use bonuses to give players a reason for opening an account with them, especially if a player is already comfortable at a given sportsbook. Competition is healthy and financially beneficial for players looking to build bankrolls with less risk. Just as consumers hunt for the best credit card rewards, veteran online bettors shop for sportsbooks by bonus rewards.

SBR encourages readers with any questions on using the sportsbook bonus list to write to

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