Online scam sportsbook CreditWagering alleges sale

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CreditWagering (SBR rating F) players have reported being no-paid $23,230.  CW sportsbook surfaced in 2008, initially beginning as a pyramid scheme -- paying the first few rounds of players to lure in more -- before being added to the Sportsbook review blacklist on May 11th, 2009. | Online scam sportsbook CreditWagering statement

On June 19th, 2011, CreditWagering sent an email to all account holders claiming that the sportsbook was sold:



CreditWagering: Dear Credit Wagering Customers,

We would like to announce the sale of Credit Wagering. Effective immediately, the new owners will be working on getting credit wagering back to the way it use to be. The site will be down for wagering until August 1st. All accounts are still accesible. There are many changes that are on the horizon, which will benefit you the customer. Most important is customers being paid on time!

Scam sportsbooks that feel their domains still have value will often attempt to deflect responsibility for player accounts due to being under 'new ownership'. SBR will again attempt to speak with CW regarding delinquent player accounts and the alleged sale.




Players who have not been paid by CreditWagering are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form, or write to SBR directly by emailing


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