Online gambling expert Nelson Rose interviewed by SBRtv: Part 1

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SBRtv's Peter Loshak interviews one of the world's most renowned experts on international gambling law, Professor I. Nelson Rose. In part one of the three part video series, Professor Rose starts off with his general thoughts on the state of online sports betting in the US, and gets a bit into the legalities and mechanics of web domain seizures. Professor Rose also addresses sportsbooks like BetJamaica deciding to closedown. | Discuss this video





SBRtv questions to Professor Rose
1 - What are your thoughts on the state of the online gambling industry right now, specifically as it pertains to sports betting in the United States?
2 - From the player's perspective, did the UIGEA achieve what it set out to do?
3 - What's your take on Bet Jamaica and The Greek shutting down to the US market? They reportedly weren't being directly pressured by any U.S. authorities.
4 - Is the seizure of non-dotcom websites under the jurisdiction of the US government?
5 - Does the US have any more of a legal right to seize a dotcom site than any other country?
6 - What are the mechanics of the U. government seizing dotcom web domains?
7 - Why can't the US government seize .ag and .eu sites?
8 - Why does the US government seize .com sites when they know a company can just get a .ag or .eu site?



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