Olympian Group releases statement on sportsbook closure

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Olympian Group CEO Peter Karroll has released a statement regarding the across the board sportsbook closure at brands Bulldog777, Geobet, and GR88.com. An organized attempt to alter player account balances was detected, necessitating the swift and complete removal of sportsbook access for all players, according to the released statement.

A specific time-frame was not given on when the sportsbooks would reopen.

"Only a handful of accounts were affected, and we’re confident that the perpetrators have been identified and that the fraudulent activity has been terminated. However, we have nevertheless taken the precautionary measure of closing the sportsbooks that we manage until we can fully verify the security of all player accounts. We regret that the criminal activity has affected the enjoyment of legitimate players but we felt that this precautionary measure had to be taken.  We expect that all of our sportsbooks will re-open soon.” -Olympian Group CEO, Peter Karroll

SBR reported on 5 June that Bulldog777 Sportsbook was "temporarily closed".

SBR introduced GR88.com to the sportsbook ratings guide at D+ in January 2013. Brands Geobet and Bulldog777 have also been indexed.

SBR will update when the sportsbooks reopen for business.

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