Oddsmaker Sportsbook steals betting winnings; cites "professional" play

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Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) has voided $18,600 from a player they claim is a professional sports bettor. On December 22nd, the player deposited $700, receiving a 200% match-play bonus. After increasing his balance to $18,600, Oddsmaker closed the player's account.

The following live chat transcript, which the player allegedly had with Oddsmaker customer service, details that only the player's $700 deposit will be refunded to him.

Oddsmaker CS: The sports wagering services offered by oddsmaker.com are not for use by individuals or groups deemed to be professional bettors. In the event that a Player(s) is deemed to be a professional bettor, their account will be subject to immediate termination with any remaining account balances, including all deposits and winnings in Player's account, being returned to the Player. For purposes of this clause, winning wagers will only be paid on events that have been played prior to notice of account termination being sent to Player.
Player : according to your statement, does that mean i will be getting the total balance in my acct back
Oddsmaker CS: You cannot get anything from it.
Player: what!?
Oddsmaker CS: You are actually refunded for your deposit.
Player: this is bs, y, i got a check from you guys before for winnings
Player: who can i talk to
Player: how was it determined i was a pro bettor
Oddsmaker CS: Its clear already that you violated the terms and conditions of our site
Oddsmaker CS: I cannot do anything about it.

This is the second complaint SBR has received in the last month from a player that had winnings voided by Oddsmaker. In the first complaint, a player deposited $1,000 in November and received a matching free-play bonus. The bonus carried a $40,000 wagering requirement. After the player rolled over $15,000 and made $2,025 in profit, Oddsmaker canceled his wagers and returned his $1,000 deposit. Oddsmaker claimed the player was guilty of bonus abuse. SBR is still discussing that case with Oddsmaker.

For a full history of Oddsmaker's bonus practices and handling of player accounts, view the Oddsmaker Review page.

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