Oddsmaker Sportsbook robs more players citing "professional" play

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On January 6th, SBR reported that Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) voided a player's betting winnings citing professional play.  That sportsbook complaint prompted two additional reports from players that the same happened to them. A second Oddsmaker player tells SBR that his $16,000 balance was confiscated.

The second player to report having his winnings voided for "professional" play deposited $700 in late December, receiving a $1,400 freeplay. He increased his balance to $16,000 before Oddsmaker suspended the account, and stated that they would return only his deposit.

A third player wrote to SBR stating that over the course of three months, he made $4,359 in deposits, with the most recent deposit being made on December 15th. After bringing his balance up to $12,000, Oddsmaker closed the player's account offering only to refund $4,100 in deposits.

In both complaints, the Oddsmaker players were told that professional action was not welcomed and that their winnings were null and void.

We do not accept professional sports bettors on the site...As per rules and regulations all winnings are null and void but they are sending you a check for all your deposits.

Oddsmaker player:
i recently opened a account with oddsmaker.They gave me a 200% match bonus with a 20x rollover. After getting on a hot streak and turning my deposit of 700 (2100) with bonus into 16000 and some change i was told that my account had been suspended and i was deemed a professional sports better and my deposit would be returned.All this after only two weeks and i never requested a payout. If there is anything you guys could do it would be greatly appreciated.

In the last two months, Oddsmaker player have submitted payment complaints and complained of having their funds confiscated from what was alleged to be bonus abuse or professional play.

On 12/27, an Oddsmaker player reported that $2,025 in winnings were seized. The player had deposited $1,000 and received a $1,000 freeplay with a $40,000 wagering requirement. The player cleared $15,000 in rollover before having his account suspended. Oddsmaker refunded the player's deposit accusing him of bonus abuse. Oddsmaker stated that it would revisit this case following discussions with SBR, but to date has not altered its ruling.

On 11/2, an Oddsmaker player reported being slow-paid for $772. He requested payment on October 11th and was told to expect to receive his check in two to three business days. Oddsmaker's cashier department failed to provide the player with any updates, prompting his SBR complaint. SBR was able to connect with Oddsmaker management who commented on the withdrawal problem, claiming that the player provided incorrect payment details. The player was allegedly paid his balance, but has not updated SBR.

Oddsmaker is rated at D- in the SBR Sportsbook ratings guide. Oddsmaker management has expressed a willingness to improve its rating but has ignored SBR's suggestions on what it takes to run successful bonus promotions and how to fairly deal with players accounts. Oddsmaker will not honorably deal with accounts it considers to be non-recreational. Labeling players as professional does not give the sportsbook a right to void winnings on accepted bets. SBR generally only accepts bets to be canceled or winnings withheld in cases of clear and egregious fraud. Oddsmaker's risk management must be responsible for flagging players it considers undesirable and from there must close the player's account yet pay all winnings + deposit. All players are advised to avoid Oddsmaker.

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