Oddsmaker Sportsbook players report theft of winnings

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Oddsmaker (sportsbook rating D-) players have went on the record with SBR to report that their winnings were erased. Oddsmaker has long mistreated sophisticated players, making no secret of the fact that their service is only intended to be used by recreational players. However, Oddsmaker has graduated from their typically heavy-handed tactics in bonus complaints to outright stiffing winning bettors. | Full Oddsmaker Report

Oddsmaker's recent history of abusing players

On December 14th, an Oddsmaker player reported having $2025 in winnings voided. Oddsmaker justified the seizure by stating that the player made some of his wagers on juice-free promotions, betting on both sides of the same game. Oddsmaker had no rule against the practice and its software did not disallow these wagers. SBR recommended that the winnings be reinstated, and that the risk-free bets not count toward rollover. Oddsmaker has not changed their ruling on this dispute.

On December 16th, an Oddsmaker player requested a withdrawal of $924.27. On December 20th, the player logged into his account and discovered that his wagering access had been suspended. Oddsmaker told the player that his account was being verified. As of January 21st, 2011, Oddsmaker has given no explanation for the account closure, has not paid the player, and has not returned the player's inquiries.

On December 29th, Oddsmaker closed a player's account, voided $9,709.48 in winnings and refunded his deposits. Oddsmaker had earlier approved the player's identification documents. Oddsmaker told the player that his account was closed for security reasons. Oddsmaker did not inform the player what or if any rule he violated.

Oddsmaker steals betting winnings by citing rule against professional play

On January 3rd, Oddsmaker erased $7,711 (including $7,652.70 in winnings, $59 in deposits) from a player's account. Oddsmaker's reason for voiding the winnings was that the player was considered a professional sports bettor.

Oddsmaker Sportsbook:

We do not accept professional sports bettors on the site... As per rules and regulations all winnings are null and void but they are sending you a check for all your deposits.

On January 6th, a player wrote SBR stating that Oddsmaker seized $18,600 from him, and refunded his $700 deposit. Oddsmaker again justified its decision to cancel the funds by informing the player that it was determined that he was a professional sports bettor.

Oddsmaker Sportsbook:

Your account creation with us has been considered null and void. Management no longer wishes to do business with you so all deposits you've made with us has been sent back to you.

Oddsmaker Sportsbook maintains its mark of D-, and is included in the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist. All sportsbooks on this blacklist are to be avoided. Oddsmaker players unfortunately have little hope to recover their winnings if it is determined that they have won too much from the sportsbook. Players are able to submit sportsbook complaints against Oddsmaker, however, Oddsmaker management has shown that they are unwilling to right their path and deal with player accounts honorably. Oddsmaker players are also free to share their experiences by making a post at the SportsbookReview forum.

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