Oddsmaker slow-pay update

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On January 28th SBR reported an update to an Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) slow-pay complaint. The player requested $1,000 via bankwire on November 1st. Oddsmaker addressed the report by stating the player provided erroneous banking instructions; then later clarified to the player that it was their accounting department  who had muffed up the details. As of May 7th the player's bank wire has still not been received. SBR is waiting for Oddsmaker to address the situation.

Player comments:

This is in regards to an outstanding payment issue with Oddsmaker.com. I have requested status from the company multiple times, but i have been told there is nothing that they can do to pay me. The details are included below. In brevity, I requested a $1000 payout from Oddsmaker on November 1, 2009. It was processed without me being requested to provide any additional bank information. To date i have not receive the payout they claim was wire-transfterred. After telling me for 2 months that it was "being processed", oddsmaker began telling me i provided incorrect bank information at the time of the withdrawal. This simply isn't true. I provided my bank information when i opened my account, and oddsmaker had no trouble withdrawing funds with that bank info - they only seem to have trouble depositing funds back. When i finally got ahold of someone in person at oddsmaker, they informed me that whomever processed my transaction in their cashier's department had accidentally entered the wrong info on thier payout request (they admitted they made a mistake). Still no payment after 2 months. When i got back in touch with them again earlier last month, they claim that i provided incorrect info (not true) and because of that they can not give me my money. Is there anything i can do? Do i have any recourse?

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