Oddsmaker slow pay complaint update

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On 12/29 SBR reported on an Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) slow pay complaint. A player requested $1000 via bankwire on November 1st. After waiting a month beyond Oddsmaker's listed expected timeframe of 8 to 12  businessdays it was learned that the reason the payment was not applied was the player submit erroneous banking info. On 12/29 the correct information was supplied. As of 1/28 the payment has still not been made. SBR will ask Oddsmaker for an update.

Player comments:

I followed the instructions provided by SBR and resubmitted my bank wire info i also received a confirmation from oddsmaker (ill send this correspondance as a separate email) I'm not sure if i have any recourse or not, but I'd like to report this site oddsmaker.com.
I'm not a long-time gambler and i obviously made a mistake in opening an account with oddsmaker.com. I gambled a little bit over the summer and won a little over a thousand dollars. This was paid without any hassle. I didn't use them for a long time, then recently i got back into my account and i won another thousand dollars which i have not been able to collect. To date i have contacted oddsmaker's customer service representatives over 25 times (and i have records of most of my discussions). In brevity, i requested a $1000 withdrawal via wire transfer to my account on Nov 1, 2009. According to their records, this request was approved on their end on Nov 12. They then told me to wait 8-12 business days for the transaction (there was "no issue"). Nothing has happened since then. Multiple times, i have contacted them and requested a status only to be told i would be receiving my money or an email within a short time. To date, i have recieved neither.

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