Oddsmaker, scam sportsbook, steals bettors winnings

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Two Oddsmaker (sportsbook rating D-) players tell SBR that their balances have been erased. Oddsmaker seized $25,371.78 from player one on the grounds of "professional play". Oddsmaker confiscated $42,700 from the second player accusing him of fraudulent activity. On January 21st, SportsbookReview reported Oddsmaker had stolen $26,000+ from two seperate player accounts; Oddsmaker's justification was again that the players were non-recreational gamblers. |  Oddsmaker scam report

Professional gamblers axed by Oddsmaker
Oddsmaker has resorted to debiting the sportsbook accounts of players that are determined to be professional gamblers. SBR has reviewed each complaint and can confirm that there is no connection between any of the players that have been stolen from. Oddsmaker does not claim that the players have colluded or that they are in any way connected, instead, Oddsmaker has justified the forfeitures by saying it prohibits "professional gamblers" from playing.

SBR suggests that players cease wagering with Oddsmaker and attempt to withdraw their funds as fast as possible. Players with sizable balances are at the highest risk of not being paid their winnings.

Recreational play
The crux of Oddsmaker's argument is that professional gamblers are unwelcome, and that such players are violating the terms of service by playing at the site. Despite taking this extremely unethical, outrageous position, Oddsmaker's fine-print actually suggests that players who are determined to be professional sports bettors will indeed have their accounts closed yet be paid all winnings. It is entirely subjective to label someone a professional sports bettor, and would in no way justify the theft of winnings.

A player correctly points out the contradiction between Oddsmaker's written policy and its action, as reported by SBR on January 6th.

Oddsmaker fine-print:

The sports wagering services offered by Oddsmaker.com are not for use by individuals or groups deemed to be professional bettors. In the event that a Player(s) is deemed to be a professional bettor, their account will be subject to immediate termination with any remaining account balances, including all deposits and winnings in Player's account, being returned to the Player.

Oddsmaker management had no comment on the disconnect between this rule and its enforcement. While Oddsmaker has addressed player sportsbook complaints with SBR, no players that reported these instances of theft have been paid.

Oddsmaker confiscates $25,371.78 from player
A winning sports bettor who has played with Oddsmaker for over two years has reported being stolen from. Oddsmaker first limited the player's wagers to $50, causing him to cease betting as much. The player confirms taking three successful withdrawals from Oddsmaker over the course of his account lifetime. On Friday, January 21st, the player learned that his account was disabled. Oddsmaker's customer support confirmed that his account was permanently closed.



Oddsmaker Sportsbook: As the proper department has checked your Account, it was checked that you are a professional.
Player: professional? I wish. So I cannot bet here anymore or what? I did notice they lowered my limits like they said they have the right to do.
Oddsmaker Sportsbook: Sorry, (the) account has been closed.
Player: how do I get my money?
Oddsmaker Sportsbook:There is no funds on the Account, the Account is already closed.
Player: what? You are stealing my 25 grand?
Oddsmaker Sportsbook: Stealing? Please be reminded of the terms and conditions of the site. Terms Article 8: Player's participation in the Gaming System is personal and not professional.

An Oddsmaker manager stated to SBR that he would look into the complaint.

Oddsmaker removes $42,700 from player
A player that joined Oddsmaker four years ago after receiving contest winnings from the EOG.com forum reports that $42,700 was confiscated from him. The player states he never deposited into his Oddsmaker account, and that he had chosen not to withdraw his balance due to uncertainty about banking laws and tax implications of withdrawing from an offshore sportsbook. One week ago, the player realized his account was disabled. After numerous phone calls, e-mails, and live chat inquiries, Oddsmaker has only told the player that he has been linked to fraudulent activity. SBR has not yet received word from Oddsmaker on what the player is allegedly guilty of.

Oddsmaker players that have had their winnings stolen are asked to write to SBR at help@sportsbookreview.com.

SBR will update this report.



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