Oddsmaker, scam sportsbook continues theft

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An Oddsmaker (sportsbook rating D-) player reports winnings theft. An Oddsmaker player requested an $8,045 withdrawal on January 18th. Ten days later, Oddsmaker disabled the player's account.

Oddsmaker disables winning player's account
Following the player's withdrawal request, Oddsmaker sent two e-mail messages stating the withdrawal was approved and that payment would be sent by two checks. On January 18th, Oddsmaker disabled the player's account, which held a $13,900 balance.

Oddsmaker cites "professional play" violation
After having the account closed, the Oddsmaker player called to speak with a manager and was told only that the account was closed due to a rule banning "professional play". Oddsmaker has recently began confiscating the funds of players it determines to be professional bettors. Oddsmaker has enforced the rule to justify forfeiting the funds of players who have legitimately beaten them.

Oddsmaker player:

I opened my account with oddsmaker account approximately one year ago. I deposited $2000 of my own money & placed numerous bets on different sports. As of January 10th, 2011 my account balance was $13,900. I requested a withdrawl in the amount of $8,045 on January 18th, 2011. I received 2 emails on January 28th,2011 from the oddsmaker cashier stating the withdrawls were approved and the checks should be on the way.

Later that morning, I tried to sign on my account & it stated it was "temporarily inactive". I then called & was told my account was closed since I was a "professional bettor". I have been told by different customer service associates that the decision has been made 'by management' to cancel my withdrawl request & that the $13,900 I had in my account will not be returned back to me since I am a "professional". I am pleading with you to help me out. I don't know where to go at this point to get back my money.

Oddsmaker's recent history of unjust confiscations
On January 26th, SBR reported that Oddsmaker stole betting winnings from two players. Oddsmaker seized $25,371.78 from player one on the grounds of "professional play". Oddsmaker docked $42,700 from the second player accusing him of fraudulent activity.

On January 6th, a player wrote SBR stating that Oddsmaker seized $18,600 from him, and refunded his $700 deposit. Oddsmaker again defended its decision to confiscate the funds by informing the player by saying that he was a professional sports bettor.

On January 3rd, Oddsmaker erased $7,711 from a player's account. Oddsmaker's reason for canceling the winnings was that the player was considered a professional player.

Oddsmaker Sportsbook remains on SBR's Sportsbook Blacklist, and is to be avoided. Players are able to submit sportsbook complaints against Oddsmaker, however, Oddsmaker management has not shown the willingness to rectify player complaints. Oddsmaker players are also invited to make a post at the SportsbookReview forum.

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