Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) & Futurebet tries to scam potential book owner under new name

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The sportsbook operation blatantly lies to an individual interested in owning a gambling site, trying to convince him that IGamingSoftware is not the new name for, or affiliated with, Futurebet. "IGS Ron" tells the potential site owner that Oddsmaker is one of the books that IGS owns and it is not Futurebet, forgetting that the Oddsmaker cashier page is labeled as "Futurebet payment systems." Futurebet Gaming stiffed the majority of its white label webmaster clients in 2007 while moving Oddsmaker and BetOnUSA to the gaming platform which it renamed IGamingSoftware or "IGS." The partnership with Oddsmaker and sister site BetOnUSA is the primary source of revenue for Futurebet ownership.

Dear Sir/Madam, I was contacted by Mr.Ron **** from FutureBet now(IGS), and he tried to pull off a similar scam with me as well, but thanks to your website I was saved, I am ready to testify at any point if you wish because you just saved I don’t know probably 500K of mine and I am very glad that I checked your website. I have sent a copy of my conversation with him in an email just so that you know that he is still active and doing this. He had called me last week and given me figures for starting up a casino from scratch which are as below:


You say you have 22 operators, which are all yours. I don’t understand the point of this conversation anymore, but for your satisfaction and how people would know FB and IGS is in the link below, so stop lying. It mentions clearly that FB is now IGS and that you operate from Vancouver and the person concerned had also come to visit your facility, so the fact that you still dupe people after all that is sick.


From: Ron [mailto:ron@igamingsoftware.com]
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2007 6:53 AM
Subject: RE: Information


I just finished the research you have done, and you are led to believe I'm Ron , which is an employee of a separate company. Perhaps a competitor of ours led you in the wrong direction.

I have referrals if needed from operators of IGS. I have invited you to our facilities in Vancouver for your comfortability.

I have researched Futurebet and they have had issues for years in regards to player payouts, why are you concerned about IGS, as IGS is not FB, nor are they any other company.

IGS has 22 operators and futurebet has over 100.

Where are you getting your info, as its 100% incorrect?

I have all the proof you need that IGS is 100% separate company.

The only similarities is the casino product, as the casino product was purchased from the same company that Futurebet and other companies bought the source code from. However our virtual cashier and casino games are different. We have about 20 more games then they do…

I can assure you that the info online is not true, and lf you like I can put you in touch with IGS operators for your comfortability as I mentioned.

Please reply back if you would like to continue speaking further, as I will be back in the office on Wednesday, which at that time I can call you.

Please confirm


Sent: Friday, December 28, 2007 9:29 PM
To: Ron
Subject: RE: Information

Dear Ron,

I just read some reviews about FutureBet, Ron , now IGS, and also your past records. I don’t know what to say, almost fell for your scam. Anyways you have ll the right resources and networks, why don’t you try running things without cheating people you could actually make a lot of money legitimately.

If you get serious about these things let me know, Il help you make money the right way.

Take it easy!

From: Ron [mailto:ron@igamingsoftware.com]
Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2007 2:38 AM
Subject: RE: Information

Hi Sir

You would be your own operators, and IG will provide you with services such as merchant banking, processing, Player support, and technical support.

You will bring in your own affiliates, as our software supports affiliates for each operator.

Yes, IG is credited, and has some of the fairest games online to the player.

Because of the nature of the business I cannot provide you with names and phone numbers to our operators, as this business is very confidential, however I will contact a couple of them to see if they are willing to talk with you. I would recommend that in the future, for you not to give your name and phone number out to anyone, specially before meeting them in person.

In regards to you incorporating your self, I can lead you in the right direction, and we can speak more about this next week.

Attached is the contract for you to view.


Sent: Friday, December 28, 2007 12:08 AM
To: sales@igamingsoftware.com
Subject: Information

Dear Ron,
Thanks for calling and giving me the brief information. As per our conversation yesterday I was expecting the agreement draft from your end. Also the price list along with the breakup.

I was going through some other websites as well where I noticed that you ll had your own gaming sites, such as www.oddsmaker.com which was the example that you sent me and about 19 more. If this is the case, that creates conflict of interest.

Another question I had in mind was, would I be an affiliate of yours or a separate company with an individual license not a sub-licensee of yours, and if so, you didn’t mention any incorporation charges for the company, and the related banking, merchant account, company account information.

Could you please clarify these points.

I had 2 more questions. Is iGaming Software TST accredited, and also could you give me reference of other operators, or casino owners for who you provided the complete turnkey solution.



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