Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) bonus scam costs another player $1,500

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Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) bonus scam costs another player $1,500. The player player placed parlays and striaght wagers when betting with his Oddsmaker try-us-out bonus money. A player has a parlay in his acount history will see his account set to zero when he eventually requests a payout. The sportsbook routinely allows players to make winning plays for months despite the fact that a parlay wager early in the account history will be reason to deny payout requets. The fine print regarding parlays is on the book's rules page and not supplied with the promotion. Oddsmaker previously told SBR they would honor winnings prior to when the first parlay wager was made, would add the rule to the correct website pages, and clarify the rule in its terms of service. The book has not made these changes and players continue to waste winning picks on an account that cannot yield a profit. Players who have added to their balance with deposited funds have also had winnings removed despite having their own funds at risk and enough deposited cash to cover the wager.


Oddsmakers.com sent me an email for a free $200 account which had no strings or restrictions. Over the months between baseball and football wagers, I built it up to $2,000, then lost some where I currenty have juslt under $1,500 sitting in a real money account. I wanted to request a $500 cashout as I was laid off from my job. When I talked with live chat requesting one, they said I couldn't have one since I didn't meet the so-called conditions of terms.
Now, when I went back to check my real money balance, they wiped it out completely showing 0 balance just because I asked for a PIN. Why didn't they wipe this out long, long, ago, why wait until I ask for a PIN over 8 months later?

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