Oddsmaker robs player of $2,000

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Scam sportsbook Oddsmaker has not relented in its campaign of theft. The F rated sportsbook once made a name for itself by entrapping players with convoluted bonus rules, using a variety of reasons to justify confiscating rolled over winnings. Oddsmaker would tell players that making a lone parlay wager out of hundreds of wagers would cause that player to lose his balance.

In September of 2010, Oddsmaker mailed a $100 promo to players prior to the upcoming football season. A player who accepted the offer and rolled over the $100 thirty times had his balance zeroed after making a payout request. The player was guilty of making one lone exotics wager after he was well on his way to completing the playing requirement.

Oddsmaker adds rule to confiscate winnings from "pro" players
Oddsmaker—being a pioneer of scam sportsbook tactics—was the first to justify seizing winnings from players that were too sharp for their liking. The industry standard for recreational player seeking sportsbooks would be to close that player's account and honor his winnings. Oddsmaker has decided though that it makes better business sense to openly steal from players, and to date has confiscated $199,132 from players whose only mistake was beating the house.

Sportsbook Review mediator 'Justin7' met personally with Oddsmaker sportsbook managers in Las Vegas during Super Bowl weekend to discuss the growing number of player complaints. Oddsmaker at the time claimed that it was interested in improving its public image and vowed to work with SBR to fairly resolve sportsbook disputes. Following that meeting, Oddsmaker did not honor its promise, instead Oddsmaker continued its assault on their customers.

Oddsmaker banks on the image created by their very elaborate marketing campaigns, fliars, pamphlets, coasters, Oddsmaker spends seven figures annually on financing such endeavors according to former business associates. Oddsmaker's theft is believed to be fueled by nothing more than pure greed, the sportsbook has a large customer base and records substantial growth each year due to their aggresive marketing strategies. | Oddsmaker player robbed of $2,000 speaks out


Oddsmaker player: At the time of the account deactivation, I had a $1,400 pending withdrawal as well as an additional $600 in the active account.

I have read other complaints about Oddsmaker taking money because of 'professional play' and 'bonus abuse'. However, I didn't see any cases like mine. I've only made two deposits with bonus codes, so bonus abuse couldn't be the issue. And I have won a bit of money since joining in February (about $2,000), but to consider myself a professional is laughable. Also, I never try to bet both sides of an event or anything like that like others have.

I don't know what to do about this issue, I've done nothing wrong but I can't even get an answer from them (I've tried 6-7 times) as to why they've suspended my account.



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