Oddsmaker player reports two year slowpay

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An OddsMaker (SBR rating D-) player has written in with a two year old slowpay complaint. On 1/28/08 Oddsmaker allegedly sent a $1,510.04 check to the player. The expected timeframe for receiving the check was 10-14 business days. More than two years later, the player has not received any explanation on if the check was in fact lost, nor has he been able to initiate a cancelation on the check. Customer service has not been able to validate the status of the check or communicate this with the player. SBR will inquire and update this report.

Player comments:

I have such a bit old matter, unfortunately I learnt about your website SportsbookReview.com only recently. However I saw fit, to write about it, because this is evident example of the dishonesty. On 2008-01-28 OddsMaker.com paid me 1,510,04USD by cheque 'ChequeFedEx'. I did not receive and did not cash this cheque. I have many times contacted with OddsMaker live chat asking what actually happened with this cheque, because it never reached me. Each time I have been brushed off by advising to e-mail cashier@oddsmaker.com what I did, but I never got any answer. They are permanently ignoring me. Maybe you will manage to obtain some  explanation from them. I count on you.


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