Oddsmaker deactivates another winning promo account

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Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) has deactivated  a player's account that made a withdrawal request of $1500. The player accepted a $50 mailer promo offer, and began to bet with the promotional cash and rolled his balance to more than $1500.  The player stated that he researched the free bet conditions and to the best of his knowledge was not in violation of Oddsmakers stringent fine-print.  Oddsmaker has not shed insight into why the account was suspended, and has only stated that the proper department was handling the case. Oddsmaker has a long and continued history of sending out free bet promotions with non-standard and often times hidden wagering terms. Oddsmaker's track record in situations such as these lend little hope to players being paid their balances should even a single exotic wager or parlay have been placed.

Player comments:

I was mailed a free 50.00 to play with at Oddsmaker. I followed all of their rules, which were hard to find by the way, and ended winning over 1500. After a few days I requested a payout. Another few days passed and I heard nothing from Oddsmaker. I tried to log into my account to see what was going on and my account had been de-activated. They keep telling me that it's being handled by the proper department but refuse to give me a reason as to why it's been de-activated and refuse to pay me what they owe me. It's been over a month now.

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