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 (SBR rating D-) management tells SBR they have agreed to pay the player his $8,448 in winnings. The player is scheduled to receive his funds by check.

Decision reached by Oddsmaker.com regarding Jimmymac24       
I have reviewed this situation with management once again at the behest of everyone involved. We analyzed all the facts, from all angles using an unbiased point of view. We have come to a final decision which will benefit all parties. After a full review we have decided to pay James his winnings in it’s entirety with no strings attached. He will be sent a check for the full amount of $8448.29.
Due to the huge amount of fraud and bonus abuse we do face on a daily basis, we believe the original decision we took regarding this matter was the correct one at the time, based on the information we had. We were doing our jobs to the best of our ability. In this case, we have decided to pay James his winnings and to give him the benefit of the doubt. I believe the confrontation between him and I was based on misunderstandings on both parts.
Oddsmaker, under new ownership, has always paid out its players in full and consistently resolved any outstanding issues or disputes with a fair, balanced, professional and courteous approach.  We took the same approach in coming to this decision.  The staff at OSGA, EOG and SBR who have dealt with me know how eager I have always been to resolve disputes.
I personally called James to inform him of our decision.  I mentioned to him that we have no expectations of him using our site in the future. We had a very friendly, professional and honest conversation.  He was extremely pleased with how things turned out. We hope all parties involved will publicize the positive outcome of this case with the same fervor as they maintained while reviewing it.
On behalf of myself and the entire Oddsmaker.com staff, we wish to thank everyone who took the time to get involved in this case and who mediated the dispute in a fair, balanced and unbiased manner.
Anthony Stewart, VIP Host

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