Notice to Sportsbook Bonus Shoppers About This Time of Year

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There are just three NFL games left (excluding the Pro Bowl) which means that it is the time of year when player deposits slow down as seasonal bettors withdraw their profits.

Bettors interested in hoops and the upcoming MLB season typically keep accounts funded, but pigskin players request payment in large numbers following the Super Bowl.

What does this mean for bonus shoppers, and what is a bonus shopper?

Players that look to add to their +EV (expected value) traditionally trawl through the sportsbook rating guide looking for new companies to sign up with as they've already redeemed bonuses at most of the big boys. Often, these players are aware of the risk associated with new and unproven betting sites and with poorly rated companies, but feel that they'd be leaving money on the table not to diversify their bankroll with as many places as possible.

While the above approach works well most of the time for players who actively consider payment feedback from current players and who intend to play by the rules, the fact is that sportsbooks rated in the C- to D range typically begin slow-paying or having conveniently timed third party processor challenges right after the Super Bowl ends. Consequently, players need to be aware that the risk of waiting far longer than advertised payout times is amplified at the end of football with such companies.

Sportsbooks rated higher, in the B to A+ range, have proven over a period of years to be able to handle an influx of transactions without skipping a beat and are able to honor their advertised payout windows with very few exceptions. The industry's best sportsbooks have been reviewed in-depth by SBR and have scored highly in the seasonal SBR Forum member polls.

As a result, SBR suggests players become more conservative with their transactions and tighten down to only the premier establishments rather than take on unnecessary extra risk.

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