Notice to SBR Poker Players on Interrupted Tournaments

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The SBR Poker Players Championship events were interrupted Thursday night due to a server related outage.

SBR Poker is having makeup tournaments on Saturday evening at 9PM and 11PM ET. SBR Forum thanks users for their understanding. There is still time to sign up and take part in the free poker events.

Tournaments run at 3PM, 7PM, 9PM, and 11PM ET during the week. The events are entirely free to enter.

The SBR Poker Championship has a 125,000 betpoints prize-pool, with a big 45,000 betpoints payout reserved for the champion of the prestigious forum event.

What are Betpoints?
Betpoints can be used to make redemptions from the SBR Store, including television sets, computers, iPads, apparel, gift cards, and more. International (non-US) members can redeem free play and cash bonus perks from online sportsbooks.

How to get SBR Poker?
SBR Poker is entirely free to download and runs on all Windows devices.

Jump to SBR Poker FAQ.

Championship Prizes: Saturday August 20 at 5PM ET
1st. 45,000 betpoints
2nd. 27,500 betpoints
3rd. 17,500 betpoints
4th. 12,500 betpoints
5th. 7,500 betpoints
6th. 5,000 betpoints
7th. 3,000 betpoints
8th. 2,500 betpoints
9th. 1,500 betpoints
10th. 1,000 betpoints
11th. 800 betpoints
12th. 500 betpoints
13th. 400 betpoints
14th. 300 betpoints

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