No update in GoBetGo Sportsbook closure

GoBetGo Sportsbook has officially turned off the lights.

Sportsbook Review reported earlier this week that GoBetGo went off-line, though the betting site resurfaced under a .net domain.

However earlier today GoBetGo closed down shop officially and displayed a farewell message on their website homepage, stiffing players at least €130,000.

GoBetGo homepage:

"Dear players,

Our strategy to offer the best odds on the planet with very low margins did not prove to be a successful one, given the clientele we attracted and the payment processing and marketing costs we incurred. During the period of November/December there was a large withdrawal wave, which entirely emptied our company balances and as we stand, we are insolvent.

Therefore, we deeply regret to inform you, that as of today we are effectively closing

Sincerely yours, GoBetGo Management."

Sportsbook Review reported on GoBetGo complaints involving a total sum of over €130,000.




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