No update on Cloudbet Sportsbook wagering complaints

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Online sportsbook Cloudbet (SBR rating C+) has yet to provide a firm update on the status of the wagering complaints reported by a handful of frustrated sports bettors inside of the Sportsbook Review bitcoin discussion forum.

The online sports bettors have detailed similar experiences where they have been unable to consistently place bets.

The players receive an error message stating the following:

Error message received: "A problem has occurred processing this bet. Our groundsmen are looking into it."

Cloudbet has provided only generic acknowledgments indicating that the issue is being looked into, but in fact have copy and pasted  the same responses to the players as was provided to an SBR case analyst.

Online sportsbooks sometimes look to counter sophisticated or sharp action by placing players on wagering delays, subjecting them to bet review by a manager, but typically do not display error messages, as players then scramble to place additional bets on other devices, or inquire repeatedly with staff on if there is a problem with their account.

Cloudbet is a bitcoin exclusive sportsbook.

Sportsbook Review created a list of bitcoin accepting sportsbooks in a review guide page last year.

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