No update in BetMayor $51,000 casino winnings complaint

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Sportsbook Review has reported several times on the $51,000 blackjack winnings dispute filed against BetMayor (SBR rating a F), a blacklisted Costa Rica based sports betting website.

A player was accused of being a professional blackjack player and told he would not be paid. The software, supplied by Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS), reshuffles after every hand and is used by top online sportsbooks, though some of the software licensees are in poor standing with players.

The player has claimed to have went on similar big runs and incurred massive losses playing casino games.

BetMayor voided the winnings by stating that their terms and conditions clearly outlaw professional play.

The online sportsbook shared a summary of the player's blackjack session history:

BetMayor: "We state very clearly in our rules option 10, that we cater for recreational players only! And if deemed as professional the funds will be confiscated. Again I will clarify to you Matt he was not on a hot streak, you don't play for over 2 months not having a losing day and call yourself a recreational player. If he was not up on payouts we would give him his deposits back to show good will but thats not the case and we wont let anyone rip us off which he is intending to do."

Three weeks following the controversial position on the dispute, the online sportsbook claimed to be undergoing an ownership change. Later the sportsbook claimed the player would receive payment for his big casino win.

No such payment has occurred.

BetMayor currently is not accepting bets and has not returned SBR's many requests for an update.


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