No end in sight for Globet Sportsbook slow-pay complaints

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A Globet Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) player has submitted a sportsbook payout complaint. The user requested a payment of €624 on November 17. The player, like many others who have voiced their frustration to Sportsbook, was expecting that he would receive his funds within the advertised payout window of 2-3 working days. That was not the case.

Globet has reportedly provided no information to this user on when he can expect to receive his funds. This is also consistent with other reports launched by Globet users. The player filed a complaint with SBR after noting that some users who have done so since received payment from the sportsbook.

SBR has followed up on every Globet dispute and generally hears back within one to two weeks from management. While it is a good sign that Globet takes the time to acknowledge complaints and processes payouts for the "squeaky wheels", it is highly disconcerting as the total number of debt owed is unknown.

SBR has asked Globet to speak on the record regarding the source of their payout delays or why they continually advertise a time-frame they do not expect to meet, but Globet has declined those requests.

Globet users in need of sportsbook assistance should write to SBR or opine in the Sportsbook & Industry forum.

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