No Daily Fantasy Sports in Kentucky - For Now

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Kentucky is the latest state to tackle the murky waters of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and bill H 414, introduced to pave the way for DFS in the Bluegrass state, was defeated in the House just two weeks after being drafted.

Three Votes Short
State Representative Adam Koenig authored bill H 414 to legalize Daily Fantasy Sports in his home state of Kentucky. After clearing a pair of vetting committees the stage was set for the bill to be introduced to Koenig’s colleagues in the House where a two-fifths approval of the 100 member body is required to propel the bill to the state senate. However, the bill garnered 37 of 73 votes cast giving it a narrow majority but just three votes shy of the requisite 40 votes needed to keep it moving to the Senate.

Koenig specifically chose to get the legislation involved to insure that the Attorney General of Kentucky, Andy Beshear, would not have to decide on the legality of DFS in Kentucky which is what took place in New York.

“The Attorney General of New York one day just declared it illegal in New York, and we don’t want that to happen here,” Representative Koenig said. “We wanted to be a legislative solution. We didn’t think that was going to happen, but it’s better off to do it this way and to make sure it’s legal.”

The future of Daily Fantasy Sports in the Bluegrass State is not dead but for now it is very much in abeyance until Koenig or another Kentucky legislator takes another bite at the apple. Georgia’s House recently passed a bill for DFS and the legislative body in Mississippi has sent their DFS bill to Governor Phil Bryant for his signature. Up north, Rhode Island has also introduced a bill with regard to Daily Fantasy Sports. All across the nation, states are grappling with their interpretation of DFS with many in limbo while states like Arizona, Alabama, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington State have chosen not to allow DFS in their jurisdictions.

As always, SBR will keep you posted on all the latest DFS and sports gambling news so stay tuned for more.

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