NJ in the Red Zone: US Supreme Court Hears Sports Betting Case

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It has been a long road for New Jersey in their quest to bring sports betting to Atlantic City.

NJ residents voted in 2011 in support of sports betting in a referendum later signed into law by Governor Chris Christie.

The major US sports leagues along with the NCAA have fought the state in court ever since, and finally the nation's highest court has taken the case. The nine justices heard an hour's worth of oral arguments in the case on Monday, and the initial takeaway is that the court is leaning toward allowing New Jersey to take bets.

In 1992, congress passed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which outlaws sports betting throughout the United States except for Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana. Nevada enjoys a virtual monopoly on single-game sports wagering, while Delaware has a limited form of parlay wagering in its state casinos.

Speaking of PASPA, Chief Justice John Roberts opined that there is something odd about federal law which goes against "the powers and prerogatives of the states." Read full transcript.

SBR reported on October 31 that Pennsylvania passed gaming bill HB271 with provisions allowing for sports betting to take place in state casinos if the federal law is repealed. (Read HB271). According to a report by Fox Business, industry analysts have predicted that as many as 20 US states would legalize sports betting if PASPA were to be voided.

A ruling in the case is expected by the end of June 2018. Stay tuned to Sportsbook Review for updates.

SBR Forum Reaction to the Prospect of NJ Sports Betting

"You obviously can’t beat the convenience of offshore but it would make me much more likely to take a trip to AC or Monmouth Park if I knew I could make some sports bets," wrote pattymayo, referring to online sportsbooks.

"Doesn't make sense that some states can do it and others can't when the challenge brought by NJ is one of Federal Law. How can a Federal Law prevent one state from doing something and not another under same/similar grounds? I think NJ will likely win and industry is about to change forever," wrote infamousbaracardi, referring to the double-standard in place.

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