Nitrogen Sportsbook MLB Bettors Take Notice

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Nitrogen Sportsbook (SBR rating B) has an obscure way of handling pitcher changes in MLB.

Unlike every other sportsbook that SBR has reviewed, Nitrogen does not list their pitchers and does not adjust players tickets to reflect the money line change when there is a pitching change.

In today's Blue Jays vs. A's game there was a pitching change which saw the A's odds increase to +110 (from the opening line of -120).

A player who wagered on the A's took extreme issue with the fact that he was left with worse odds than he would have had by playing at virtually any other online sportsbook.

The player immediately filed a sportsbook complaint with SBR and vented his frustration in the Sportsbook & Industry forum:

Nitrogen Sportsbook player: "Nitrogen doesn't offer listed pitchers and won't change the odds on an action bet like is standard in most books. Every gambler should be very viligant (sic) because you could get stuck like the As backers who now get terrible odds and an unknown pitcher. We are left in a vulnerable position which nitrogen will rationalize that it's (sic) customer don't care and telling you could go elsewhere to bet which is very unprofessional. Sbr you should look into this because customers are left in a helpless position. You should put this on the homepage till it changes because that will put pressure on them. Please use your influence sbr."

While the player is correct that it is an unusual way of handling MLB bets, Nitrogen clearly explains the policy in their sports rules page under MLB:

Nitrogen Rule: "All bets stand regardless of any pitcher changes. Some prop bets may list the starting pitcher. In this case, the listed pitcher must start for these bets to have action. "

Additionally, while the line did move away from the player and force him to accept odds that were 30 cents worse than the rest of the market, the odds movement could have benefited him too. For example, if he wagered on team A at the odds of +110 and did not wager 'listed', and there was subsequently a pitching change and the next line became -120, he would actually get a worse line than his original ticket and win less money as a result if his bet was successful.

MLB bettors should take note of the Nitrogen rule and understand that bitcoin exclusive sportsbooks may not handle situations the exact same way a traditional online sportsbook would, making it important to read the sports rules section to avoid incident.

Nitrogen Sports was the first bitcoin exclusive sportsbook to be rated by SBR. Nitrogen debuted at the initial mark of B September of last year.

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