Nitrogen Sports Provides Update on Delayed Transactions

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Nitrogen Sports (SBR rating B+) has provided an update on the reports of delayed transactions.

SBR Forum members noted yesterday that deposits and withdrawals were significantly delayed beyond the normal time-frame.

Deposits took up to three hours in some cases and one player reported a payout request taking 45 minutes. While it might sound absurd that waiting for 45 minutes would be considered a delay, the betting site has built a reputation for being one of the fastest bitcoin paying sportsbooks in the industry, with most withdrawals processed in 5-10 minutes.

Nitrogen explained to Sportsbook Review and on its blog that an update was performed yesterday afternoon that caused an unexpected issue leading to the delays. While payouts are now back to normal, players are asked to create a new bitcoin deposit address using the Nitrogen cashier before redepositing. Players who continue to deposit to previously generated bitcoin deposit addresses may still experience unusual wait times. Bettors can write to with the details of delayed deposits, but can avoid delays by creating a new bitcoin deposit address with Nitrogen.

Nitrogen Sports was upgraded from B to B+ on July 25, 2016. The betting site was originally introduced to the sportsbook rating guide in September of 2014 and cracked the top 10 of the most recent SBR Forum posters top sportsbook poll for the first time.

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