Nitrogen Sports considering allowing players to store USD balances

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Nitrogen Sports report

Sportsbook Review spoke with a member of Nitrogen Sports (SBR rating B) management regarding player concerns over the volatility in the bitcoin market.

SBR reported yesterday that BTC hit a low of $280 following the $5 million hacking of popular bitcoin exchange Bitstamp.

The betting site has made a name for itself as one of the best bitcoin exclusive sportsbooks on the market, and has said they have much faith in the future of cryptocurrency.

Nitrogen stated the following in response to an SBR question on whether or not they would implement the option for players to hold balances in USD, as competitor Anonibet announced yesterday:

"One of the best ways to grow the adoption rate for bitcoin is to remove barriers to entry, and concerns about volatility is obviously a large one. For this reason, we are definitely considering offering the option for players to keep their balances in USD.  We have big plans for Nitrogen Sports this year, and this is just one feature for our community to look forward to!"

Nitrogen Sports players with feedback are encouraged to write to



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