NFL Week 6 Betting Recap: Winners & Losers

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It was not an especially bloody Sunday for players or sportsbooks.

Overall, players who shopped for the best available numbers and avoided a couple of the "trap games" came out slightly on top, though it was a tough day for players who waited until the last minute to bet regardless of the number offered at sportsbooks.

Sports bettors who line shopped using SBR Odds early in the week would fall into the first bucket.

Bettors that plunked down their cash an hour before kickoff would have ended the day as losers.

Below is a recap of games that players won big on, regardless of line movement.

Patriots -7 against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Patriots won by a margin of 18 (35-17), easily covering even pleased spreads (opposite of teasers for higher payouts).

Bills -7.5 against the 49ers. The betting public showed their patriotic side and ended up as big winners as the Bills routed the Colin Kaepernick led 49ers by a score of 45-16.

Detroit Lions -2.5 against the Rams. Bettors holding -3 later in the week or who pushed would have received their money back, underscoring the importance of line shopping.

Sportsbooks struck back and wounded players with the below outcomes.

Pittsburgh -7 on the road against the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins won outright by 15 points.

Green Bay -5 at home against the Dallas Cowboys. An inexplicable surge of late money came pouring in on the Packers; players were taken to the cleaners on this game as Dallas won straight up by 14 points.

Players who doubled down on the Houston Texans -3 against the Colts pushed as the Texans won in overtime, causing the game to fall exactly on the number of three.

The Arizona Cardinals are -7 point favorites at home against the New York Jets in tonight's installment of Monday Night Football.

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