NFL Week 17 Betting Digest at Sportsbook Review Network

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Sportsbook Review has released an NFL week 17 betting digest.

The NFL betting guide contains betting resources to help sports bettors finish their NFL Sunday in the profit, instead of the red.

Bettors who are already acclimated with the network should jump straight to NFL week 17 betting odds.

The betting odds grid contains real-time sportsbook ratings on more than 35 online sports betting websites.

Players can even fully customize the order of the online betting sites shown by creating an SBR username and choosing which sportsbooks appear on page one, two, and three.

NFL Picks
A game-by-game NFL betting guide has been published at SBR Picks.

NFL Video Content
Sportsbook Review's Peter Loshak gives a breakdown on the Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings, which will decide the NFC North crown and simultaneously make some NFL futures bettors very happy or unhappy.

NFL Parlay Betting Odds Calculator
The parlay odds calculator allows players to calculate precisely what their parlays should be paying in terms of true odds. When used in conjunction with the parlay odds grid which shows specific sportsbook payouts, bettors are armed with all the information they need to make a sound decision at their sportsbook of choice.

NFL Sports Betting Forum
The SBR Forum is a collection of online sports bettors that like to share wagering theory with one another and exchange sportsbook feedback.

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