NFL Betting Futures for 2016 Season: Shop Sportsbook Odds

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The first NFL Sunday is just three weeks away and online sports bettors are using this window to analyze team performance throughout the NFL preseason.

The futures price of the Green Bay Packers for instance has been adjusted by online bookmakers from +1010 down to +925 on average. This means that as of today's market pricing a $100 wager returns $925 in profit.

Online sportsbooks use this period to update their markets based on injuries and other factors.

Bettors can shop a wide variety of NFL betting futures using the Sportsbook Review betting directory. A number of markets are available including regular season win total odds, all division and conference odds, and the most coveted of all sportsbook markets: the outright winner of Super Bowl LI. Each of the outright winner markets update in real-time without requiring a page refresh.

Sportsbook Review released an NFL betting digest for the 2016 season not long ago focusing on the resources available at the SBR network. One of the more popular forms of NFL betting is wagering on teasers: a form of a wager where players receive extra points in their favor for the point spread or total. The most popular would have to be betting on NFL and College Football parlays. Users can browse sportsbooks with the best parlay odds using Sportsbook Review.

SBR suggests players consider the NFL betting video content available to assist with handicapping. SBR's own Peter Loshak recently broke down the impact of NFL preseason roster moves as it relates to the handicapping arena.

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