Next US President Betting: Sportsbook odds pre-GOP debate

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Republican candidates hoping to be the next US President will debate again tonight from Las Vegas, Nevada.

There has been some dramatic odds swings across a few of the candidates in recent months.

The sportsbook odds on the once GOP frontrunner Jeb Bush have snowballed up to 20 to 1, after trading at around 6 to 1 for much of October and into November.

Chris Christie's odds have improved a bit and have settled into the 28 to 1 range. SBR covered whether or not Chris Christie is the President online sports bettors need in an editorial this September.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton's odds have shortened from -115 to -150. Bernie Sanders' odds have shot up from +1150 to +3300.

Below is a table of the outright average odds from both party lines. Only online sportsbooks in good standing with players and who are not behind on payouts have their odds shown below.

For a full list of presidential odds, view the political betting markets page.

Candidate Avg Odds: November Avg Odds: December (15)
Hillary Clinton -115 -150
Jeb Bush +603 +2000
Donald Trump +1210 +850
Bernie Sanders +1150 +3300
Ben Carson +2642 +12000
Carly Fiorina +30000 +20000
Marco Rubio +704 +460
Rand Paul +12500 +25000
Ted Cruz +2842 +1100
Chris Christie +4077 +2800

How to interpret above sports betting odds (for Newbie players)
Hillary Clinton is presently trading at -150, which means that for a bettor to win a profit of $100, a $150 bet is required.

The other candidates, who all have a + in front of their odds, are considered underdogs and have a positive return.

For example, a $100 wager on Jeb Bush would pay $2,000.

Sportsbook Review will keep readers posted on sportsbook market movements for the US Presidential Election.

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