New Matchbook ownership set to announce seperation from sportsbook, WSEX

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SBR has spoken with Matchbook (SBR rating B-) executives and are aware of their plans to become a new independent gaming company. It's been known that WSEX (SBR rating D) had an ownership stake in Matchbook since their launch in 2005. Despite the relationship to date, Matchbook is in good standing and players have not reported any delinquent payout requests. SBR is hopeful the purchase of Matchbook from WSEX will allow outstanding WSEX withdrawals to be processed. Matchbook is expected to provide a press release to SBR in the coming weeks after the ownership changes are solidified.

WSEX players have reported being slow-paid a total of $244,648. Twenty-seven players have written SBR for assistance after receiving generic updates from WSEX citing "processor delays". The last confirmed payment was reported by a player on December 30th for $146. The player was paid from an August 4th request.

The following comments have been made by frustrated WSEX Sportsbook players.

Seems I've been getting the run around from them on a payout. Is there anything to do about this. Have been hesitant to "get tough" when talking to them (ie. mentioning switching sportsbooks, etc...) because I don't want to just be out of luck on the withdrawal.

Requested payout of approximately $2k in June of 2010 from World Sports Exchange. I have still not been paid and WSEX provides me with no updates regarding the payment except that they have not received word from the processor.

I made a withdrawal request of $1,850 from my WSEX account on November 1st. Their only payment option is a cheque, so this is what I requested. I also opted to pay the $50 courier fee so my cheque would arrive quickly. Almost 2 months later (today is Dec 26th) I have not been paid. I e-mail WSEX weekly for an update, and their excuse is is always "delays with their banks". I have had a WSEX account for at least 5 years, and have received payouts in the past from them (although this is probably the 1st payout request in over 1 year)

In today's climate with a limited number of financially stable sportsbooks, the importance of staying on top of sportsbook forum feedback, complaints published on SBR and other mediums is amplified. WSEX Sportsbook was downgraded by SBR eight times from March of 2009 to July of 2010, and is currently rated at D.


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