New Jersey Sports Betting Case: SBR interviews State Senator Lesniak

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New Jersey lives to fight another day for legal sports betting in federal court following the US Court of Appeals vacating a previous ruling against the state earlier today.

Sportsbook interviewed NJ State Senator Raymond Lesniak concerning the news, the fantasy sports betting scandal, and more.

New Jersey is now positioned to argue their case again in Philadelphia at a date to be determined.

"We believe that now the odds are in our favor," stated Senator Lesniak, concerning the vacated ruling from earlier today. "We're hoping that we can start sports betting for the Super Bowl, if not March Madness which is a big, big betting event that goes on for weeks in the United States", said Lesniak.

New Jersey has remained committed to exercising the same right as enjoyed by Nevada, and wishes to offer residents and tourists alike the same ability to wager on sports.

Economic benefit of sports betting in Atlantic City
Legal sports betting would provide immediate economic benefit to New Jersey, provide many new jobs and boost tourism - sports betting is a multi-billion dollar per year industry - but more importantly, the United States of America would catch up with the rest of the world where betting on sports is mostly legal.

In the United Kingdom for example, walk-in sportsbooks are about as prevalent as fast food establishments and gun stores in the United States.

With the sports leagues having no problem with an onslaught of daily fantasy sports gambling promotions and the MLB actually having a partnership with DraftKings, there seems to be a giant elephant in the room that looks and smells a lot like hypocrisy. It is expected that attorneys for the state will use this argument in court. "It's a distinction without a difference," said Lesniak.

Legal statute standing in the way
A hurdle New Jersey must still successfully overcome is the legal standing of federal statute PASPA (The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992) which outlaws sports betting nationally except for Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana. Lesniak believes that his legislation will do just that. "The way PASPA was written, PASPA says no state can authorize sports betting. My legislation does not authorize sports betting, it just doesn't prohibit sports betting in Atlantic City casinos or race tracks." stated Lesniak.

Governor Christie & Sports Betting
Sportsbook Review asked Lesniak on if Governor Christie - who is presently vying for the Republican nomination in the Presidential Election - is still on board with sports betting in Atlantic City, or if his position might change in light of his national political focus. "Governor Christie has been with us most of the way once the referendum passed overwhelmingly in New Jersey," stated Lesniak.

Sportsbook Review has asked for comment from the major sports leagues and the NCAA who have fought relentlessly to keep sports betting from being legalized in New Jersey.

Sportsbook Review will keep readers updated on the status of legal sports betting in Atlantic City.

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