New complaint received against BetMayor Sportsbook

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BetMayor Sportsbook report

A new payout complaint has been launched against BetMayor Sportsbook.

A player has reported being owed $2,198 for a period of over 45 days.

He has claimed that he has received the runaround and been told every excuse in the book from the betting site.

This is the third complaint launched against BetMayor in as many days.

Complaint number one: $5,000 owed
A player requested a $5,000 bank transfer on December 10 and has still yet to be paid. The player has been given multiple different deadline for receiving his funds, the latest of which expired yesterday.

Complaint number two: $12,300 balance in limbo
A player had his account access revoked by BetMayor and has not been paid a red cent of his $12,300 balance. BetMayor has ignored SBR's attempts to discuss the case.

Complaint number three: $2,198 owed for 45+ days
The player who filed today's complaint has waited to be paid his $2,198 balance for over 45 days, receiving what he refers to as the runaround. SBR has followed up with BetMayor on this latest issue.

BetMayor players in need of sportsbook assistance should file a dispute.

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