New bettors can't join Heritage Sportsbook

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Heritage Sports (SBR rating B) no longer allowing new registrations from the general public. Players will be declined a new account unless they are referred by an established Heritage user. Heritage denied new sign-ups last summer before later reopening to new players. Heritage is unsure if they will once again allow new bettors before football season.

Last year's log regarding Heritage closing registrations during baseball season:

5/1/2006 04:45 PM
SBR Bill Dozer reports: heritage Sports again accepting new clients; SBR reinstates B+ rating. 
4/14/2006 06:18 PM
SBR meets with Management of heritage Sports(SBR rating C+)
heritage has revised its decision to close its doors to new registrants until July 1st, instead allowing players to join on Monday, May 1st. SBR will reinstate heritage’s B+ rating once the signup page is enabled. The sportsbook has retained the services of Gary Thomson who will serve as a consultant and assist heritage with major changes and upgrades prior to the NFL season. Amongst the changes slated for the summer of 2006 is an upgraded website and a move to a new facility which was purchased by the sportsbook earlier this year. View pictures of the new heritage building here.
4/7/2006 12:32 PM
heritage Sports not accepting new accounts; downgraded from B+ to C+
Management states that the sportsbook will reopen to the public on July 1st, citing facility and website upgrades. SBR was aware of the changes but is concerned by the extended amount of time needed before the sportsbook can operate normally. SBR believes player funds are safe but recognizes the potential for current players to be inconvenienced by the impending upgrades.

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