New Bet1128 ownership refuses to honor old player balances

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A Bet1128 (SBR rating D+) player has contacted SBR stating that his account has been deleted. On August 4th, the player wrote to SBR indicating that the €300 balance he maintained with Bet1128 in 2009 was erased from the website. Bet1128 does not dispute the player's claims. Bet1128 states that Centurion Ltd. acquired the domain, but not any liabilities from Paradise Bet Ltd. who used to operate the sportsbook. Shortly thereafter, Paradise Bet Ltd. made the news for allegedly being a front for organized crime. | Full Bet1128 Sportsbook report

CenturionBet, the new owner of claims that it obtained the most valuable asset of Paradise Bet -- its website domain, but did not agree to take on any liabilities, such as old player balances. When a company has its valuable assets transferred without any of its liabilities, and later goes insolvent, courts frequently question such transfers. In many instances, this can be a corporate guise to defraud creditors of the old company.

The player in this dispute claims he was never notified of the change in ownership, or told that his balance would migrate to a different site. The player is unable to locate his account or balance with the other site.

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