Neteller: Ongoing USAO investigation prohibits payment plans to US clients

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Neteller fails to meet self-set deadline to "resolve the investigation" by the USAO. In a press release issued today Neteller said "The Company believes that it is making significant progress towards achieving a resolution and hopes to be able to announce this within a number of days." Neteller previously stated that it believes it will be able to execute its "plan" to distribute funds to US customers once the investigation has concluded. | July 13th press release


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Neteller announces plan to disburse funds to US customers; plan contingent on a "resolution." neteller issued a press release today saying that it will be able to pay balance holders via its standard transfer methods if it can resolve matters with the United States Attorneys Office. neteller made the vague statement "The Company has advised the USAO that it will use its best efforts to resolve the investigation no later than 13 July 2007," implying that it can meet preset guidelines set by the USAO.

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