NCAA Tournament Betting 2014: Ways to wager

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March Mayhem is upon us. Gamblers everywhere rejoice what is a most celebrated time: NCAA Tournament betting. From brackets contest galore, eye-popping prizes, and multitude of betting markets. Sportsbook has assembled a grid of the current NCAA Tournament betting opportunities broken down by sportsbook.

Outright NCAAB Championship winner:

One of the more common betting markets, these wagers are accepted pre-season, during the season, and throughout the NCAAB Mens Championship.  As of this writing, the best odds on the Florida Gators to win the tournament are +525 at 5Dimes Sportsbook. This means a $100 wager returns $525 in profit.

Wagering on the Arizona Wildcats currently pays an average of +750. The best overall odds on the Wildcats are offered by Bovada Sportsbook, WilliamHill, and SportsInteraction at +800. A $100 wager pays $800 on the Arizona Wildcats.

The Louisville Cardinals are priced at an average of +600, although a few of the sportsbooks listed on the NCAAB Tournament Odds grid are yet to update their market price, creating a valuable opportunity for betters.

Individual game odds:

Sportsbook has listed each of the ranked teams opening round games, scheduled to take place Thursday March 20 and Friday March 21. The current pointspread of each game is listed in a widget which updates in real time. For example, the below module is one that you will see on SBR's NCAAB Tournament Odds page.

(24) Ohio State are currently getting 6 points - this means Ohio must win by 7 points for a wager to win. If Ohio won by exactly 6, no money changes hands. If Ohio won by less than 6, bettors who opted to wager on Dayton +6 would cash their ticket. While the market is mostly fixed on a standard -110 on both sides, the best price currently is offered by Pinnacle Sportsbook, who have -106 on both sides. This means a $106 wager pays $100.

Proposition betting:

Prop bets are usually offered with lower limits as players with statistical models can effectively beat many of these markets. Players with an investor like approach to betting often excel wagering prop markets. Sportsbook will be updating the NCAA Tournament Odds page with derivatives as they are released by online sportsbooks.

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