NBA Prop Odds for Tuesday card: Bet365 runs table

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NBA prop markets

NBA prop wagers have been loaded in the prop bet directory at Sportsbook Review for Tuesday, January 6.

A team of market analysts have compiled the most unique betting opportunities available for betting Phoenix @ Milwaukee and Detroit @ San Antonio.

While most of the online sportsbooks listed in the NBA Prop Bet directory have game odds available for wagering an hour or so before game-time, Bet365 (SBR rating A+) has no such reservations, and as of this publication is spreading seventeen different ways to make exotic wagers on tonight's limited NBA card.

Winning Margin
The Phoenix Suns can be wagered on to win by 1-2 points through 21+ If the game outcome lands on 1 or 2, bettors would be paid 10x their investment, so a $100 wager returns $1,000 in profit.

If the Milwaukee Bucks are your cup of tea, the Bucks to win by 3-6 points returns 6x your investment for every $100 risked.

Race to 20 Points
If you've handicapped that the Suns will be first to net 20 points, a $155 wager is needed for every $100 in profit.

Likewise, the Milwaukee Bucks return a payout of 1.15x the investment of $100.

Game Total - Odd or Even
Coin flip type props are available as you can wager the game total and each team total landed on an odd or even sum across the board at -110 odds. -110 odds require $110 to be risked for a profit of $100.

Back to the NBA Prop Bet directory. When available, Sportsbook Review will list comparisons which show the betting site that offers the most advantageous toward building your bankroll, be it through straight wagers or bets made to comply with sportsbook bonus rollovers.

Players looking for outright NBA moneyline odds should visit SBR Betting Odds.

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