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The NBA Prop Bet Directory at Sportsbook Review lists each day's slate of betting markets from online bookmakers. The page is normally fully populated by 4PM ET each afternoon or earlier: Each online sportsbook has a different schedule for managing their proposition wagers. The NBA Prop Betting page is intended as a shopping comparison guide for sports bettors.

Sportsbook Review intends to list the best NBA proposition markets from sportsbooks that have a minimum rating of B+. The offers on the page are not necessarily ordered by SBR ratings but rather strength of each individual line. In cases where a bet market is offered by two or more NBA bookmakers, SBR will notate which shop has the best line at the time of that page edit. The directory is manually assembled and is not feed powered at this time.

The following bet markets are usually seen on a daily basis on the NBA Prop Bet Directory.

Team to score first

One of the more popular NBA prop bet types, the team to score first market is exactly as the title suggests. If you fancy the Lakers to record the first score in their game against the Heat, you'd see which sportsbook is offering the line and which of the sportsbooks are offering the most competitive odds. For example, if the line is LA -110 at 5Dimes Sportsbook, a $110 wager would return $100 in profit. If the line is greater than -110 on the same market at another of the sportsbooks listed on the page, the choice of where to bet that particular prop is much easier.

Largest lead of game

If you believe the Chicago Bulls will dominate the Atlanta Hawks, put your money where your mouth is. This bet market allows you to wager on which team will have the advantage of the largest points lead in that game. This bet market is most often seen at 5Dimes Sportsbook.

Total Points scored

If you're a Lebron James fan, you might want to bet his over or even under points total based on your handicapping. This market is offered by most of the online sportsbooks listed on the page on a daily basis.

Total Points + Rebounds

Another very popular player performance bet is the total points + rebounds. For example, if the line on Dwight Howard is o26.5/u26.5 -110/+100, those in favor of taking the over would need Howard's total points and rebounds to exceed 26 for the wager to pay out.

SBR intends to simplify the sportsbook shopping process by offering this directory. If you're more interested in wagering the NBA Championship, a real-time chart of the best sportsbooks current market odds is available in the NBA Championship Betting page.

SBR welcomes feedback from users who enjoy the NBA Prop Bet Directory. Users should write in to with their feedback, comments, questions or concerns.

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