NBA Playoffs Betting Markets: How the Lines are Moving

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  • Most dramatic odds swing: Golden State from -850 to -1300
  • 71.5% of bets on the Over in Pelicans vs. GSW
  • 64% of bets on Spurs to cover +1.5 in Game 2 vs. LAC

NBA Playoff Betting Market Comparison:
This article shows how the lines are moving in the next eight NBA games. The wagering data cited is powered by SBR Odds.

The sports betting website markets included are moneyline (to win outright), point spread, and total points scored.

For players looking for handicapping breakdowns, SBR Picks has several trending pieces on the best round one value bets. CBS Sports tweeted one such betting statistic penned by sportswriter LT Profits:

Monday 4/20: 8PM
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Chicago Bulls
Opening Moneyline: Bulls -350
Current Moneyline: Bulls -345

Opening Spread: Bulls -7.5
Current Spread: Bulls -8

Opening Total: 187
Current Total: 187

Monday 4/20: 10:30PM
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Golden State Warriors
Opening Moneyline: Warriors -850
Current Moneyline: Warriors -1300

The biggest shift in NBA betting action comes in the moneyline market as GSW has jumped from -850 to -1300. If you had wagered initially, a $850 bet would return $100, whereas now a $1,300 bet is needed.

Opening Spread: Warriors -11
Current Spread: Warriors -12.5

Opening Total: 205
Current Total: 205.5

Due to the lopsided 71.5% of bets in favor of the over, the already large total has been adjusted by NBA sports betting websites from 205 to 205.5.

Tuesday 4/21: 7PM
Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

Opening Moneyline: Cavaliers -720
Current Moneyline: Cavaliers -750

Opening Spread: Cavaliers -11
Current Spread: Cavaliers -11

Opening Total: 207
Current Total: 207

Tuesday 4/21: 8PM
Washington Wizards vs. Toronto Raptors

Opening Moneyline: Raptors -205
Current Moneyline Raptors -211

Opening Spread: Raptors -5
Current Spread: Raptors -5

Opening Total: 190.5
Current Total: 191.5

Tuesday 4/21: 9:30PM
Dallas Mavericks vs. Houston Rockets

Opening Moneyline: Rockets -240
Current Moneyline: Rockets -230

65.8% of bets are on the Mavericks as 2 to 1 underdogs. The line has dropped 10 cents accordingly.

Opening Spread: Rockets -5.5
Current Spread: Rockets -5.5

Opening Total: 214
Current Total: 215

Wednesday 4/22: 7PM
Brooklyn Nets vs. Atlanta Hawks

Opening Moneyline: Hawks -530
Current Moneyline: Hawks -490

Opening Spread: Hawks -10.5
Current Spread: Hawks -9.5

Opening Total:  202
Current Total: 202

Wednesday 4/22: 8PM
Portland Trailblazers vs. Memphis Grizzlies

Opening Moneyline: Grizzlies -255
Current Moneyline: Grizzlies -245

Opening Spread: Grizzlies -6.5
Current Spread: Grizzlies -6

Opening Total: 189
Current Total: 189

Wednesday 4/20: 10:30PM
San Antonio vs. LA Clippers

Opening Moneyline: Clippers -125
Current Moneyline: Clippers -118

Opening Spread: Clippers -1.5
Current Spread: Clippers -1.5

64% of bets are on the Spurs to cover the game 2 point spread of +1.5.

Opening Total: 205
Current Total: 206.5

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