NBA Finals Series Prop Bets: Over 40 ways to bet

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Sportsbook Review has updated the Cavaliers vs. Warriors NBA Prop Bets Directory.

Stephen Curry is an average -175 favorite to win the 2015 NBA Finals MVP.

This means a $175 wager is required to win $100 for Curry to be named the most valuable player.

These odds are shorter than the payout on LeBron James who is presently being traded (by sportsbooks) at around +200, so every $100 nets $200 in profit.

Klay Thompson is priced at an average of +1200; meaning there is a twelve times your investment return on Thompson being named MVP. View the full list of MVP sportsbook bets.

NBA Finals Series Prop Bets
There is a large variety of prop wagers on how many games the series goes, for instance, there being a clean sweep (4-0 outcome) by either team returns an average of 6 times your bet. Whereas an exact outcome on the Cavaliers or Warriors winning all four games returns 22 to 1 and 6 to 1 respectively.

Sportsbook bettors using the NBA Prop Bet directory to shop for the best value were treated to a 10 cent arb / no risk bet on the Warriors winning the series at -190 and the Cavaliers at +200 earlier in the morning.

This means you could have risked $1,900 to win $1,000 on Golden State, and also wagered $1,000 to win $2,000 on the Cavs, making an easy $100 if LeBron and co. are victorious this championship, while losing nothing if GSW prevails. These type of arbitrage or +EV (expected value) opportunities are common using the Sportsbook Review prop shopping directories.

Player Performance Prop Bets
The line is over 7 rebounds per game from Timofey Mozgov of the Cavaliers, priced evenly by sportsbooks at -115. When there is a common vigorish charged, bettors might look to break the tie by comparing the size of the sports betting websites signup bonus.

Sportsbooks are spreading 9 rebounds per game on LeBron James, with these odds also set at -115 each side.

There are creative player vs. player prop bets such as three way markets where you can bet on which player emerges with the highest average points per game throughout the series.

For the full list of NBA Series Bets and other championship prop bets, visit the NBA Cavaliers vs. Warriors Prop Bets Directory.

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