NBA Finals MVP Betting List added to Prop Bet Directory

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Sportsbook Review has published a grid comparing the 2015 NBA Finals MVP betting odds.

The odds are part of the NBA Prop Betting directory, which also includes Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors Prop Bets and outright odds comparison so that NBA bettors are not short-changed with their championship wagers.

NBA Finals MVP
The average sportsbook odds on Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors are -200, meaning a $200 wager is needed to win $100.

For Lebron James the average sportsbook payoff is +200, so a $100 bet returns $200 in profit.

From here, the sportsbook returns escalate considerably, with $100 bets on Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors returning from $1,100 to $2,400 depending on the online sportsbook.

Bets on Graymond Green being named NBA Finals MVP return a closer range of from $1,400 to $1,600 per $100 risked.

Wagers on JR Smith return up to a massive $9,500 per $100 risked. The same considerable return is given on Andrew Bogut and Harrison Bars with the Golden State Warriors.

NBA Series Prop Bets
There are several ways to wager the NBA Series and the potential outcome. A bet on the Cleveland Cavaliers winning 4-0 - a sweep - returns a large payoff of +2200 or $2,200 per $100 invested. The same bet on the Golden State Warriors returns much less at +735 or $735 per $100 invested.

Game by Game Betting
Players who are not looking to get married to any series long prop bets or player performance bets can also access game by game moneyline odds in the NBA Prop Bet Directory.

The best line on the Cleveland Cavaliers winning game one is +205, whereas the best line on the Golden State Warriors is -220 as of this publication.

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