National Anthem & Gatorade Prop Bets added by sportsbooks

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The popular Super Bowl prop bet for the performance of the national anthem & Gatorade color spilled on the winning coach has hit the shelves.

Online sportsbook Bovada was first to release the market on this year's performance of the national anthem.

Bovada has set the line at 2 minutes and 20 seconds for Lady Gaga to complete the anthem. The odds are -120 for both the over and under. The length is inclusive of the first note to the second which "brave" ends.

A note is displayed by Bovada that the book manager's decision is final on how the bet is graded.

Sports bettors can recall the controversy when Christina Aguilera decided to extend the song some years ago, causing online sportsbooks to grade what should have been an easy under as going over the allotted time.

Gatorade Prop Bet
Five online sportsbooks such as 5Dimes and Bookmaker are presently taking bets on the Gatorade color.

The average price on orange is +125, meaning that a $100 bet returns $125 in profit. Yellow, clear, and blue are in the middle of the pack from +468 to +612 respectively, whilst long shots purple and green can be had for better than +1000 ods, with any other color returning +750.

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