MyBet accuses player of being linked to other accounts

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A MyBet (unrated) player tells SBR that after requesting a €400 withdrawal, his account was locked pending the submission of ID documents. The player states he obliged MyBet's request, but that his account was not reopened. In a followup e-mail to the player, MyBet wrote that the player was linked to other accounts and that only his deposit would be refunded.

Mybet Sportsbook:

We have established that your account is linked to other myBet accounts and its registration was in violation of our terms and conditions. Therefore we have cancelled all your winnings. Kindly request a withdrawal of the initial deposit back to your moneybookers account. Once this has been processed, your betting account will be suspended per manently. Please refer to our terms and conditions below:

If you should have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us per Email or telephone.

The player did not deny being connected to other accounts in his e-mail to SBR. SBR is asking him to clarify whether or not he is disputing being linked to other accounts, and what the extent of any alleged collusion was.


It is not uncommon for players to pool together their funds and hit a sportsbook for multiple deposit bonuses, and to even circumvent limits with each other. While such activity can be seen by player's as a relatively low-risk way to build their balances, most sportsbooks are quite savvy in detecting such activity and will typically close down all accounts, paying only the first account its winnings while refunding the deposits of others. While it is not yet determined that is what acctually occurred in this dispute, SBR will consult with MyBet to determine what if any evidence they have to justify their action.

MyBet closes account following withdrawal request
On January 28th, 2011, SBR reported that Mybet closed the account of a player who submitted a €3,000 withdrawal request. Mybet has not yet addressed this sportsbook complaint with SBR.

MyBet confiscates player's winnings citing bonus abuse ring
On November 29th, 2010, SBR reported that MyBet confiscated a player's winnings citing him being part of a bonus abuse ring. On November 13th, the player deposited €200 and received a €50 bonus. He won €921 the following day and cleared his rollover in the process. After making a withdrawal request, Mybet then voided his winnings and bonus, refunding his deposit. Mybet stated the player controlled other third-party accounts. Mybet did not offer evidence to SBR to support its winnings confiscation.

MyBet voids player's winnings due to country restriction
On May 11th, 2010, SBR reported that a player deposited €300 to Mybet for a bonus of €50. The player had increased his balance to €647 before making his first withdrawal request. At that point, Mybet voided his winnings and refunded his deposit. The player had signed up from Belarus, which was allegedly on Mybet's list of countries not to allow registrations from. SBR reviewed MyBet's terms and conditions and found no such restriction, in addition, the player was able to successfully register his account. MyBet chose not to reverse its ruling.

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