Must Have Sportsbooks in an NFL Bettor's Toolbox

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NFL sports betting is unlike any other sport in the world because its betting odds are known as the sharpest in the industry and hardest to beat for an average Joe.

All hope is not lost, however, because being an advantage player is not as hard as it sounds. There are sportsbooks every gambler needs in his or her line-up to maximize their expected return.

It is up to players to make sure that they are sharks and not guppies. SBR suggests that every sports bettor adds a sportsbook that is known for one of the below areas in their line-up this football season.

Reduced Juice Lines
Why lay -110 when you can lay -105 with another sportsbook? Overcharging for wager commission is one of the reason that bookmakers have private aircraft, and the average Joes who happily lay -110 on every bet are navigating around in a beat up Volkswagen. Consider adding a sportsbook that specializes in discount lines to your arsenal.

Excellent sportsbook bonus opportunities
Every sports bettor should be willing to open another account if the price is right. By using the data available in the betting sites bonuses directory, players can use the information to their advantage and choose offers where the bonus to rollover ratio interests them. For example, a 100% cash bonus with a 10X rollover offers a pure bonus value of 10%, so when intending to play over the course of a season with a particular book, a larger rollover is not as big of a deal than when betting with the intention of placing a withdrawal in a week or two.

A sportsbook that excels with parlay payouts
Parlays are incredibly fun to play but more importantly profitable when used correctly. When games are ongoing simultaneously, it is better to include them in a parlay rather than wager straight-up because the potential return is greater. Normally, it is more profitable when games start at different hours to include the winnings of each bet on your next intended leg. For more reading on parlays and using them to your advantage, visit the parlay section at the how to bet on sports page. Sportsbooks are listed by parlay payout at Sportsbook Review.

A sportsbook with great teaser betting options
There was a weekend during the NFL playoffs last year when every single combination of a teaser cashed, causing some Vegas sportsbooks to delay posting teaser lines the following week. The most popular forms of teasers are known among hardcore sports betting circles as "Wong" teasers — a teaser which calls for including home favorites from -7.5 to -8.5 and home underdogs of +1.5 to +2.5 in conventional six-point teasers. These are the bread and butter of sharp sports bettors: the teaser betting strategy was developed by respected gambling author Stanford Wong. A teaser betting directory exists at Sportsbook Review. Players should avoid teasers traditionally known as sucker bets that offer an overwhelming amount of points but require several teams to be included.

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