Most controversial sportsbook theft of 2013

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In 36 hours the 2013 chapter closes in the online sportsbook and casino industry. While most well run establishments have had some of their best quarters making book the old fashioned way, scam sportsbooks have continued to clean up by simply not paying bettors that bring their lines managers onto all fours. Enter BetRevolution Sportsbook and their unforgettable fiasco.

The folks behind the curtains at BetRevolution Sportsbook outraged much of the online sports gamblers community by stealing $26,908 (EUR: €19,592) from three winning customers. In a bizarre case that had all the makings of what you'd expect from a kangaroo court somewhere on the cartoon network, BetRevolution, acting as judge, jury, and executioner, decided that because three players were Facebook friends they were conspiring to profit off their stale lines and poor bonus model.

SBR first reported of the BetRevolution scam April 1. At that time, BetRevolution shared details of their "investigation" which included taking to social media to search for links between three clients who had been spanking their lines managers for much of the year. BetRevolution included some wagering similarities between each player and reasoned that the common betting trends served as evidence that the players were part of a syndicate. The players, friends sharing picks, were ultimately left on the short end of the stick as BetRevolution defied all logic as well as SBR advice and doubled down on their peculiar position, making a final statement at a sports forum that later dropped them as a sponsor over the debacle.

BetRevolution Sportsbook accepted hundreds of perfectly valid wagers from players that deposited funds with them. In other words, they booked the bets, and they must pay the bets. BetRevolution decided that industry standard and plain old common sense didn't apply to them. Like many other scam sportsbooks, the folks calling the shots at BetRevolution believe funds on deposit are their own. As a result of the sportsbook theft, bettors on SBR Forum and other websites vowed not to give the company their business going forward.

For their part in the theft, BetRevolution was blacklisted by SBR and also appeared on the top 5 sportsbooks to avoid headed into the football year.

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